Thank you for your interest in the American Car Company in Havana, Cuba. We would love to drive you, show you Havana and share our stories.

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Nelson & Jeans
Havana, Cuba





In Havana, as locals, we always have trouble connecting to the internet. We have access at a few places but they all suffer from frequent outages and sometimes we're just driving around town trying to find a place where we can read e-mail.

To circumvent these troubles an overseas company has agreed to host our website and provide the initial response to any inquiries. They do it for free, as part of their CSR program (read more here), and it's been really helpful to us.

How many people fit our car?

We spaciously fit four adults: one in the front, 3 in the back. This excludes your driver & guide who always sits behind the wheel.

If you're happy to sit just a little bit tight we can even fit two in the front because the front is a bench, not seats. This works for teenagers or generally smaller individuals.

Please use this general guideline to determine if your group fits in our car. If needed we can arrange for another car to join us so we have more space.

How many people fit our car?

We leave it up to you to decide how to seat your children. They may sit by themselves or you can have them sit on your lap.

How many people fit our car?

Please note that we don't have any seatbelts. None of the old American cars in Cuba do. Going back in time may have a romantic allure to it, but it also means going back in safety standards. It's just the way it is.

We kindly request that you hold infants in your lap or put them next to you in a travel seat like a Maxi Cosi. We regret that we do not have any other facilities to assist you in this matter.